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Tax Preparation and Planning
Effective tax preparation and planning can help minimize your future tax liability. Tax planning is essential to helping you successfully reduce your tax liabilities. In addition to ensuring that your returns are compliant, we also can suggest tax saving strategies that will maximize your after-tax income.

IRS/State Audits and Inquiries
A tax audit is the IRS or state tax authority double-checking your reporting to make sure there are no discrepancies in your return. Nothing is inherently problematic about a tax audit but it is always good to have a professional represent you during the evaluation.

Tax Consulting Services
Tax advisors are experts in tax law, planning and compliance. A tax advisor typically expands on the role of a tax preparer. While tax advisors prepare tax returns, they also often work closely with clients throughout the year to ensure client tax liability is minimized.

Tax Resolution

Tax resolution involves the process of working with the IRS and tax professionals to find a solution to your tax problems. This can include but is not limited to IRS Representation, Tax Lien Removal, Penalty, Interest Abatement, and Tax Audits.

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